Tasmanian Model Solar Challenge

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Tasmanian Model Solar Challenge

Date: December, TBC
Venue: TBC

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Australian-International Model Solar Challenge

Date: 25th & 26th November
Venue: Hamilton College, SA

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2001 Australian-International Model Solar Challenge

Victoria Square, Adelaide

The Tasmanian Model Solar Car and Boat Challenge 2001 team, travelled to Adelaide on the November 24-25 to compete at the Australian International Model Solar Car Championships (AIMSCC National Titles).

Our Solar Car hopes hinged on four car teams: Ewen Jeffery our State Champion and his brother Kent Jeffery from Clarence High School, Jacob Lyne and Andrew Fist from Queechy High School in Launceston, and the Hobart College Team consisting of (ex Woodbridge and Graham Armstrong proteged ) Oliver Strutt, Ben Appleby, James Berry and Tobi Armbruster. The team listed above were ably assisted by the pit crew of John Jeffery, Andrew Lyne and Stephen Knowles.

We took five solar boats over and a pit crew of two, Sam Lyne and Paris Lettau. Two boats were from Theo Wadsley of the Friends School our current state champion, one from Rowan Saunders who does home schooling and last years state champion Sam Lyne from Queechy.

The solar car event is made up of 32 cars the four fastest from all 7 states and 4 from overseas. The day started well for us with all cars getting wins first off, then the competition heated up and all but Jacob Lyne and Andrew Fist from Queechy and Ewen Jeffery from Clarence were eliminated in the first round. These two cars unluckily faced each other in the second round and Ewen won in a close encounter. I n the next round of 8 Ewen met the dreaded Shalom College from Queensland and eliminated them and became the first car ever from Tasmania to make the semi finals.

In the semi-final he met the number one seeded car from WA and lost 2-0 . This car went on to win. In the runoff for third he won the first race but lost the next two. Well done Ewen Jeffrey and well done Clarence High School for our best result ever.

In the boats they all ran well for our first year at the nationals but we soon found years of competing meant our opposition were very slick. Theo's and Rowan's boats ran consistently and eventually they tied and in a run off for sixth Theo won and made it through to the six boat semi. He met the number one seeded boat and unfortunately was eliminated. Our racing team of Paris Lettau and Sam Lyne are to be congratulated for their busy day racing all of our boats. Well done!

Our team of 13 people four cars and five boats represented Tasmania well and are to be congratulated.

Thanks to the sponsors Hydro Tasmania and The Institution of Engineers for supplying two return airfares each to the finals, Pure Foods for the competition T-shirts and fine trophies, CSIROSEC and Sunsmart.