Tasmanian Model Solar Challenge

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Tasmanian Model Solar Challenge

Date: December, TBC
Venue: TBC

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Australian-International Model Solar Challenge

Date: 25th & 26th November
Venue: Hamilton College, SA

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2003 Australian-International Model Solar Challenge

Victoria Square, Adelaide

The Tasmanian Team of 23 proceeded to Adelaide for the 2003 Championships with high expectations. The first day was overcast and wet and qualifying for the cars took place and the team of five cars did not go well. Worry set in. Saturday Night the teams were entertained at Magic Mountain.

Sunday dawned a bit overcast. In the first round of 32 cars the two Woodbridge teams were eliminated partly due to not having fully completed cars. Three Tasmanian cars through to round two of 16 The Queechy car of Sam Lyne and Rowan Lockhart were eliminated. Kent Jeffery of Rosny and Ewen Jeffery of Clarence were through to the round of 8 with Ewen Jeffery of Clarence through to the final four. However this was as far as he went and finished fourth. Well Done!!!

In the boats our big team from Woodbridge went well in the preliminary rounds but found the competition at this level amazing. All our boats got into the final eight and had to have a second run-off in order to split up the tight results of this final group. In such a big, and hot, field as the national competition, I thought that this was pretty good for kids that had no previous experience of such tough competition. Our best result was third place in the Primary Boat race by James Milner from Woodbridge District High.

Overall, Well done by every competitor. We represented the state well and achieved amazing results.